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Pediatricians Who Provide Asthma Management in Davenport, FL

Pediatrician Dr. Elsayed and her professional medical staff offers on-site asthma treatment and care. Call to schedule an appointment.

Pediatricians who Provide Asthma Management in Davenport, FL

As the leading cause of school absences, doctor visits, and hospital stays for children, asthma is a condition that many parents and children have to deal with on an everyday basis. Children who suffer from asthma typically breathe normally, until they come in contact with particular substances that causes an attack on their respiratory system. Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, blue-tinted lips, elevated pulse, persistent coughing, and anxiety due to difficulty breathing.

At Pediatric Care of Four Corners, we aim to help manage your child’s condition and ease of breathing. We regularly test lung function, followed by specialized breathing treatments with bronchiodilators when needed. We also teach children and their parents how to use an inhaler for asthma attacks.

Asthma Spirometer – diagnosis and monitoring for Children with Asthma

At Pediatric Care of Four Corners, we provide state of the art technology to diagnose and monitor children with Asthma. Dr. Elsayed can see and compare accurate results from pediatric pulmonary function tests fast and efficiently by using top of the line Asthma Spirometer. Clearly evaluate pulmonary obstruction or restriction, show progress, and help pediatric patients comply with test procedures.

Benefits of Using Asthma Spirometer for Pediatric Asthma Management and Care:

  • Fast and reliable pre/post-bronchodilator testing
  • Testing with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis
  • Instantly verify quality and variability of test performance
  • Motivate children with incentive graphic
  • Single-use disposable transducers to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Contact Pediatric Care of Four Corners today to schedule an appointment for your child who may need Asthma care.

Learn More about Asthma Spirometer:  https://www.welchallyn.com/en/products/categories/cardiopulmonary/spirometry/spiroperfect-pc-based-spirometer.html


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