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What Happens at a Pediatric Physical?

When you’re an adult, you only need to visit the doctor every year or so. But that’s because your body has finished growing, and your doctor no longer needs to closely track your development. As a child, regular pediatric physicals can make a big difference, ensuring they get the right care and support to grow as healthily as possible.

That’s precisely why Eiman ElSayed, MD, and our team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners offer convenient, comfortable pediatric physicals at our office in Davenport, Florida.

In addition to supporting your child’s ongoing health, we also want to make sure both you and your child feel relaxed in our office. To help with that, we’ve drawn up this brief overview of what to expect during a pediatric physical.

A conversation

Your child’s physical begins with a conversation with Dr. ElSayed. This gives her the opportunity to ask about your family health history and your child’s behaviors and preferences.

This is also a perfect time to ask any questions you might have. Dr. ElSayed can help you understand what to expect as your son or daughter grows, and she can help you explore specific issues, such as sleep problems, behavioral abnormalities, or physical symptoms you may notice in your child.

Ultimately, this opening portion of the pediatric physical is designed to get you and Dr. ElSayed on the same page, so she can work with you to support your child’s development. If you’ve ever wondered if your son or daughter is meeting developmental milestones as expected, for example, this is your time to talk with Dr. ElSayed about them. 

A physical exam

Next, it’s time for your child’s physical. Dr. ElSayed’s top priority is keeping her little patients relaxed, so she strives to keep her exams approachable and comfortable.

During this part of the exam, Dr. ElSayed usually does the following:

Dr. ElSayed can also screen for a variety of physical and mental conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism. Additionally, Dr. ElSayed can deliver any vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for your child’s age.

All told, regular pediatric physicals give Dr. ElSayed the opportunity to check in with both you and your child, so she can partner with you in your child’s healthy development. 

To schedule a pediatric physical, or to ask any questions you may have about them, call 863-201-8949 or book an appointment online with Pediatric Care of Four Corners today.

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